Feeding animals Batch of frankfurters on fire
Feeding animals Batch of frankfurters on fire

An exciting farm adventure starts with a farm tour, during which children meet and feed deer, pigs and piglets, ducks, cats, goats, our little pony Kaja and rabbit Miško.

Farm adventure is enriched by a creative workshop, during which we create objects from wood and other materials, or a baking workshop.

The adventure is completed with some good old group games. 

Our offer includes a snack, made from our home-grown and home-made products (jam, bread, cheese, curd, tea and juice).

Programme duration: 3 hours

Additional treats you can add to the children’s birthday adventure:

- birthday pastry
- batch of frankfurters on fire that children prepare alone
- preparation of special birthday decoration
- photo shooting

In the meanwhile, parents can take a walk around Kolovrat, visit a small village Livek or walk up to Mount Matajur.

Price:  7 EUR /per child for 3 hours

Please, call for additional information and booking:

+38641 294 637 (Tina) or e-mail us: medves.branko@gmail.com